Cre8tive Corrections**


Day 1 (2:00 - 5:00)
Day 2 (9:30 - 12:30)

Corrective haircolor is approximately 85% of the salon guests we see in our salons daily. Not all require a complete fix, however most require a creative corrective adjustment. Through precision formulation and simplicity of design in your haircolor, have a better understanding of how to conquer the hair color obstacles vs. Camouflage them. Place your signature on the haircolor situations we face every day in the language of color... every color!

A $55.00 charge will be assessed for the mannequin which you may take with you at the conclusion of the class. All haircoloring equipment and product is furnished.


instructor photo

Christopher Dove John Simpson

Christopher and John have over 50 combined years of beauty industry experience. They have each achieved global recognition awards, and accolades for their body of work in education, print, television and film within the industry.

In education, and mentoring, they have achieved lead creative positions with major hair manufacturers, salon organizations and individuals. As leaders in the hair and beauty industry, their combined collaborations of hair coloring, cutting and finishing work are internationally recognized. Together, they CoCre8 their framework of education to salon professionals, conveying the message of inspiration and skilled discipline through technique and love of the craft. They encourage the industry to reclaim and regener8 their passion and creative expression, and they always leave their audiences craving more.