50 Shades of Gray Hair


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Day 2 (11:00 - 12:30)
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If you think gray hair is a simple black and white issue...think again. There are so many aspects of this one category we overlook. 40 percent of the color work done in salons today is covering gray. We haven't even tapped into the knowledge, formulas and how many shades of gray there are to accurately and successfully achieve what we want to do. This class will change everything you think about gray hair. See for yourself some things done on gray hair that will squash the old school thought process we have carried for years. Lisa will amaze you by teaching things you thought couldn't be done with gray hair. Go back to your salons with the knowledge to tackle this huge aspect of what you do everyday. Be sure not to miss her class!


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Lisa Kelley

Lisa Kelley is without a question the hot ticket at this event. Education is her middle name. She shatters all of the preconceived notions on how haircolor works. Her class is entitled 50 Shades of Gray Hair and she knows it. She also knows the #1 reason people color their hair is to cover gray. Lisa is blunt and straightforward, she tells it like it is. She is not to be missed at the Summit, invite Lisa into your life.