Intro to Balayage & Ombre*


Day 1 (9:30 - 12:30) Closed
Day 2 (9:30 - 12:30) Closed

The first time a celebrity became fascinated with her new Balayage and Ombre haircolor it became the new craze. Balayage means to sweep in french. The color technique is achieved by sweeping bleach onto the hair. When you witness it being executed it looks simple. Make no mistake, it requires skill and talent to make it look sensational. The Ombre is very much the same technique. You will do Balayage on one side of the mannequin and Ombre on the other. Both techniques in one exciting 3 hour class. Led by Monica Byrne and her team of haircolorists, you will love this class. This class has a $25.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will be using mock bleach and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.


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Monica Byrne

With over 33 years as a stylist, Monica is an ABCH member and educator. Her wide range of skills has made her a sought-after educator throughout the country. Monica's passions lie with her incredible ability to keep her clients excited about their next new look and her capability to share that enthusiasm with other stylists!

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Intro to Balayage & Ombre*

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