The Art of Double Process Haircolor*


Day 1 (9:30 - 12:30)
Day 2 (2:00 - 5:00) Closed

At this hands on class Bonnie will demonstrate the very important virgin bleaching technique and why the ABCH method of doing virgin bleaching is superior to the methods currently being taught. She will show some graphic illustrations of what can go wrong if you do not follow the proper procedures. Learn the reasons for using Double Process Haircolor (DPH) and you will never look at DPH the same way. Using these techniques will set you apart from the main stream haircolorists. Learn exactly how long to bleach, what types of toners to use, and how to anticipate danger signs. For those of you who have never done a virgin bleach now is your chance to do the most complex and critical aspect of the virgin bleach, the second application. When you leave this class you will know your time was well spent.

This class has a $25.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will be using mock bleach and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.


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Bonnie Ray

Bonnie Ray is a salon owner in Maine. She finds it especially challenging to stay inspired while working in remote areas of the country. She understands what you have to do to stay motivated. To be successful in promoting and performing creative haircoloring you need new ideas. A natural leader and dedicated haircolor educator, she loves to share information with her peers. To be in her class is to recognize her dedication to the haircoloring profession. If you are looking to ignite your passion for haircoloring, increase your revenue, and become personally and technically grounded this class is for you.

Class Outline

The Art of Double Process Haircolor*

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