The Secrets of a Haircolor Expert


Day 1 (11:00 - 12:30)
Day 1 (3:30 - 5:00)
Day 2 (9:30 - 11:00)
Day 2 (2:00 - 3:30)

This class will cover the most important aspects of coloring hair from a veteran of haircoloring. David Velasco is a haircolorists’ haircolorist. That is to say he speaks to you in a language you can understand. There are very few haircolorists who have the ability to write what they do. David has written a series of books on all aspects of haircoloring. He is truly a haircolor expert. You can take what he says and put it in the bank. This is a class you do not want to miss. This is a golden opportunity to hear a true haircolor icon. Come to this class with any question you have about haircolor and he will answer it for you in a clear, concise manner. You will leave this class knowing your time was well spent.


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David Velasco

David Velasco’s Haircolor career encompasses teaching, platform and editorial work, writing and consulting, and owning a color-specialty salon. His career has spanned three decades. David has formally held positions as the National Artistic Director for the Wella Corporation and Manager and Educator for the world renowned Bumble & bumble Salon in New York City. He has appeared as a guest artist at Haircolor USA, The International Haircolor Exchange, The International Beauty Show and many other Trade and Educational events in the US and abroad. David’s latest accomplishment is the development of the world’s first Home Study Course in the Art of Haircolor.

Class Outline

The Secrets of a Haircolor Expert

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