Guarantee Color and Color Correction


Day 1 (9:30 - 11:00) Closed
Day 1 (11:00 - 12:30)
Day 2 (2:00 - 3:30) Closed
Day 2 (3:30 - 5:00) Closed

Trisha has been training master haircolorists, academy instructors and celebrity hairstylists for many years. In just one session she will teach you how wellness and technology will help you to achieve better haircolor results with any brand of haircolor. You will achieve better gray coverage, less fading and more vibrant long lasting reds and brighter blondes. She will teach you how to process your haircolors faster while preventing re-dos with guaranteed results.


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Trisha Kemp Rice

Trisha Kemp travels the country lecturing on wellness, specifically Malibu Wellness. She is recognized as the pioneer of wellness and the use of fresh dried vitamins in the personal care industries. Trisha has been educating salon professionals on her unique approach to haircolor called Total Oxidation Management. Trisha’s 16 years of experience in the salon industry has led to a better understanding of how a client\'s water supply and other conditions at home and in the salon determine the success or failure of coloring hair. Trisha uses entertaining demonstrations to explain how simple use of vitamins can change the way you look at every clients hair. This class is amazing.

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Guarantee Color and Color Correction

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